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White Sun
Welcome to the White Family, a family of computer programmers who craft on the side.

It all started back in the early 2000s. Cera came home from Girl Scout camp obsessed with making bead animals, making them for everyone she knew – as keychains, house decorations, window decorations, and just about anything else she could think of to use them for. She inevitably involved the whole family in her quest to amass a collection of beads with which to build her army of bead animals... but Cera eventually grew out of this obsession, as children tend to do.

Her mother, Lori, found a good use for Cera's old bead collection: making jewelry and other crafts during her off-hours. She started attending any bead and/or rock shows she heard about in Kansas City, and she began frequenting local shops until they knew her by name. Soon, her collection of beads and crafting supplies grew far beyond anyone's wildest dreams, and with practice and constant experimentation, she slowly became an expert in her craft.

Now, the two of them have teamed up – Lori with her beadwork skills and Cera with her web-design know-how – and together they created White Sun Crafts as a way to share their work with the world.


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Lori White

Lori White - Jewelry

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Cera White

Cera White - Web Design

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